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Wondering if you should buy a handheld UHF radio or install a fixed unit in your vehicle? As that little girl in that famous Mexican food advert says, why not have both? The UH850S-DLX Titanium Radio from Uniden is primarily a handheld UHF radio; however it comes with a clever 12V charging cradle that you can mount inside your 4X4. The radio sits in this, and via an included magnetic antenna you can now use the radio inside your vehicle. If you need to jump out to spot a mate up a section of track, grab the radio and use it as you would a handheld UHF. Brilliant! Uniden claims the UH850S-DLX Titanium has a range of 17km and an extended battery life of up to 39 hours. It is also fully submersible in water, should you take a fall into a mud pit whilst trying to get your mate through that section of track we just mentioned. Oops.


Priced from: $330