A closer look at the Pioneer Verve

By Jessica Palmer 6 Min Read

When the Pioneer Verve launched recently, it was clear that this brand-new offering represented the best in Aussie ingenuity. Backed by TRACK and Trakmaster, and combined with Pioneer Campers’ journey over the past two and a half decades, the Verve already had a pedigree when it launched. 

From Pioneer’s start in 1997 with a lightweight flip-over camper to a unique hybrid camper through to the Pioneer Verve, this new hybrid caravan speaks to the future of off-roading.

Let’s take a real close gander at the Pioneer Verve, shall we?

Pioneer Campers Verve

Construction matters a whole lot when you head off-road

The custom-designed chassis is, as expected, hot-dipped galvanised but Pioneer layers on 55 microns compared to an industry standard of 14. Trakmaster Trak-Two independent trail arm coil suspension with twin shocks feature underneath.


Using the same proven manufacturing technique used across the entire Track range, the panels for the Pioneer Verve are riveted together externally using skeletal supports but not before being finished in a durable gloss powder coat. 

Given that Australia is chock full of amazing tracks loaded with red dust, the Verve takes dust-sealing seriously. All panelling features return folds to protect external edges and prevent water and dust ingress.

Cooking outdoors

The Pioneer Verve is well set up for alfresco cooking with an external slide-out kitchen that boasts a two-burner gas stove, 95L dual-zone fridge and sink. There is also an option to upgrade to a larger premium version boasting twice the bench space. 

Continuing with the outdoor theme, an external pantry with deep shelves, gas struts, compression seals and LED lights comes standard.  All of this is housed under an awning measuring 3.9-m x 2.5-m with a middle brace. You don’t have to walk up the other end of the van to access it either, with the kitchen slide up one end and the pantry in the middle.

The internal kitchen space is highly customisable, allowing you to swap storage for cookers, an internal fridge and a microwave. It seems they’ve put a lot of thought into it too with the bench set at a back-friendly height and cut-in kick panels that allow you to stand closer. This space boasts two large overhead lockers and five pull-out drawers.


Pioneer Campers Verve interior

Sleeping options are varied

Sleeping comes standard with an east/west facing pocket spring queen-sized bed but it’s also available in north/south queen and single options. Regardless of your choice, enjoy an under mattress liner, dinette with swing away table, twin fans, reading lights, USB sockets and tinted windows with fly screens.

Powering up for off-grid adventures

Offering two 100Ah lithium batteries from Revolution and two 160W solar panels up top, the Pioneer Verve is designed to power your off-grid adventures. At 11.5kg, the batteries are lightweight with an advanced Battery Management System (BMS) for peace of mind. Of course, all of this can be upgraded to boost your power.

Trusted brand Redarc features the Redarc Manager 30 Multi Stage AC-DC battery charger and DC-DC charger. Additionally, Redarc Redvision is used to provide access to all the major appliances. This nifty feature allows you to switch lights on and off via your mobile phone using Bluetooth, view energy consumption, check water levels and much more.

You know what this means, don’t you? It means you don’t have to get out of bed to turn the outside light off when someone forgets to turn it off.

You’ll also find an eye-level electrical system with a cigarette plug, 2 x 240V and 2 x USB.

Pioneer Campers Verve

Toilet and shower

It’s nice when off-road doesn’t mean bush toilets and camp showers, isn’t it? I mean, we’ve all been there and done that but I’d rather not if I don’t have to. The Pioneer Verve squeezes in a cassette toilet, full-height shower rose, SOG ventilation, shower mirror and an overhead towel hanger and wall caddy.

It’s obviously not as big as a penthouse suite at the four seasons but it’s a perfectly adequate luxury for any off-road adventures.

Standard storage

The pioneer verve offers a surprisingly large amount of space with overhead lockers, bedside consoles and multiple drawers. Much of this is customisable, allowing you to swap out seats for extra storage.

Externally you’ll find 120L front boot side lockers, a 750L front lower body box, a 900L rear lower body box and a 660L front nose cone for dust-free storage. The rear storage options are flexible and can fit jerry can holders, bike racks, small storage units and more.

Pioneer Campers Verve

Important stats

  • Warranty: 3 years on body/build and 5 years on chassis/suspension
  • Height standard: 2820mm
  • Height with A/C: 3000mm
  • Width walls: 1945mm
  • Width guards: 1990mm
  • Width awning (max): 2070mm
  • Length internal: 4280.5mm
  • Length external rear bar: 6340mm
  • Length drawbar: 1022mm
  • Starting tare weight: 1871kg
  • ATM: 2600kg

A standard Pioneer Verve will set you back around $128,500 including GST, delivery and registration in Victoria.


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