Fraser Island – Camping Grounds

Burad Camping Zone 


It’s the last camping zone before the Indian Head Bypass, and right in the middle of a smooth, fast, wide stretch of beach. We stayed here for a few nights and found that since it’s a high speed stretch of beach, most drive right past you without noticing the amazing campsites.

Wahba Camping Zone 

There’s nothing better than waking up on Fraser Island to the distant sights of a shipwreck. Wahba allows you to do that, without without being so close to the constant stream of people congregating near the Maheno ship wreck. The Maheno Camping Zone is a little bit closer, but it’s always packed and nowhere near as relaxing.

Carree Camping Zone 

If you want to get as far away as you possibly can, Carree will make you happy. It’s located on the very northernmost point of Fraser Island, a stone’s throw away from Sandy Cape. Prepare for a bit of vehicle traffic from those making the day trip to the ‘Cape, but the beautiful beaches and panoramic views are worth it.

Kingfisher Bay Resort 

Located on the eastern side of Fraser, Kingfisher Resort is an idyllic home-away-from-home. It offers plenty of options from your usual hotel room all the way up to premium villa rentals. It’s perfect for those looking for a proper holiday getaway with a bit of 4X4 adventure thrown into the mix.


Eurong Beach Resort

It would be hard to head to Fraser without making a stop at Eurong Beach Resort, with the majority of the inland tracks taking you right through the compound. It’s located right on the beach on the western side of Fraser Island, and it’s perfect for those looking for a comfortable stay with unrivalled beach access.


Located further up the Island, Cathedrals offers powered campsites, prepared tents, and one to three bedroom cabins. It’s a good alternative to camping if you lack the gear, or you’re looking for some camaraderie mid way through your adventure.

But I Don’t Want To Stay In A Tent

Even though Fraser Island is pretty remote, you’re still spoiled for options when it comes to hotels and organised campsites. If you’re looking for a luxury getaway, you can find that at the Kingfisher Resort, and if you’re looking for a laid-back beach getaway, you’ll find that at Eurong.

Home Rentals 

If you’re heading to Fraser Island for a while and you really want all of the comforts of home, why not rent a home? There are dozens of holiday home rentals available on the island, and you’ll find most of them located near Eurong, or close to Orchid Beach. Rates, as always, depend on the season, but the prices we found were quite good value if you had a few couples to share the cost.




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