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How to reduce your risk after a vehicle rollover

When it comes to a vehicle rollover, the danger doesn’t end with the initial impact. There’s also a risk of fire or explosion; this can happen as a result of leaking fuel or exposed dangerous goods and sparks from your electrical system. Fortunately, REDARC’s Aussie-made Battery Master Isolation Switch (BMIS) and Roll Over Sensor (ROS) will help reduce this risk.


How do they come in helpful after a vehicle rollover?

Rollover Sensor © REDARC

The BMIS and ROS have been designed to safely isolate batteries in both 12v and 24v applications. They work hand-in-hand to automatically shut down the vehicle’s engine along with the electrics when the vehicle reaches an angle of over 45 degrees, minimising the chance of sparks.

As two separate signals are required to activate the BMIS, there’s a very slim chance you’ll experience any frustrating false triggers. In addition, the ROS features multi-axis dual accelerometers providing multi detections that will isolate in line with the three-second window required by Australian standards. The systems-controlled trigger signal also increases the activation reliability of the BMIS.

How easy is it to install?

The BMIS is easy to install and to make life easier, it’s compatible with a variety of accessories to make the whole process as simple as possible. Another benefit of the BMIS is space, with this model taking up less than others on the market.


Battery Master Isolation Switch
Battery Master Isolation Switch © REDARC

Both the BMIS and ROS are designed, developed and tested in Australia and are suited to withstand harsh conditions. They also comply with strict industry standards including the latest Australian Dangerous Goods Standard AS2809;2020.

Although originally intended for heavy vehicles, the applications for the BMIS and ROS stretch far beyond this as any vehicle that rolls over whilst power is running has the risk of an electrical spark. 

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