How to use a tyre deflator

How To Use A Tyre Deflator

Chances are you know how to use a tyre deflator. Even if you don’t you probably won’t admit it. Either way, this is how to use a tyre deflator without stuffing it all up (you’re welcome).

As you’d expect, attach the business end to your tyre valve. It screws around the outside, usually down to where the brass of your tyre valve meets the rubber. Once that’s secure and reasonably tight (don’t over tighten it), you’ll want to push the centre pin/rod in, and while holding pressure in (towards the valve), slowly begin to rotate counter-clockwise (Lefty Loosie), the nub on the end of the rod.


As you begin to undo it, you should feel it ‘click’, which is the slot on the end of the rod seating onto the valve core. You should feel a bit of resistance as you actually begin to undo the core. Keep undoing the core (usually somewhere between 6-10 turns), and you’ll feel it click as you’re turning it. This is the valve core going past the end of the thread, which tells you you’re done. Let pressure off the rod, it should push outward toward you, and you’re done.

To deflate, just pull the big bit of brass (with the hose attached to it) backwards and it’ll start letting air out. To stop the air, push that big bit forward. You’ll need to have it stopped/forward to take a reading of where your tyre pressure is at.

To get it back in, essentially do the reverse of the above. Push the rod forward toward the wheel/valve, and start turning it clockwise (Righty Tighty) making sure you’re keeping pressure on the rod as you’re turning it (otherwise it won’t be tightening the valve, just spinning in the air). Keep going until you feel it tighten up. Once it’s tight, keep a bit of pressure as if you’re still tightening it, then pull on the rod, so as to not loosen off the valve core. You should be able to pull back on the big brass bit (with the hose coming out of it), and no air should escape (not even a whisper!). Once you’ve got that done and you’re happy, slowly unscrew the initial part you screwed onto the tyre valve, making sure the centre rod is pulled out. There, done.

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