Is Your Battery Weighing You Down?

If your 4×4 is set up for camping or touring, chances are you’ve got a lot of equipment coming with you.


From fridges to tables, sleeping gear to cooking setups, and of course the battery to keep it all going – if you’re planning to get out for a while, you’re probably bringing everything AND the kitchen sink with you.

All this gear is going to come in handy while you’re out but it’s also going to take up space and maybe even more importantly, add to the weight of your vehicle. And all this extra weight can cause some challenges along the way.

lighten your load

Vehicle handling

Whether braking, taking a corner or heading out into uneven terrain, any extra weight will contribute to how well the handling on your vehicle performs.

If you’re loaded up with too much gear this could mean having to take it slower in tougher environments or in the worst-case scenario, it has the potential to contribute to an accident.

Warranty and insurance

If you do find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of an accident or if something breaks, carrying above the manufacture’s Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) or Gross Combination Mass (GCM) can void both your warranty and your insurance.

Find out more about weight and insurance by checking out episode one of the RV Daily Practical Guide to Modern Towing.


Carrying over your vehicle’s GVM or GCM is illegal and can result in fines. Last year we reported on police crack downs on overweight towing.

Check with your local roads and transport authority to find out what the fines are in your state.

Shedding the weight

While you might be able to Marie Kondo out some gear from your vehicle or camper, one thing you’re probably going to want to keep with you is your battery. But that doesn’t mean you can’t shave some weight off it.

Switching from an AGM battery to lithium can easily save you 60kg along with some extra space. Take a look at the video below from Baintech to find out how!




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