Narva Ultima 180 LED Review

Anyone in the market for spotlights knows it’s not the easiest accessory to choose. Here’s why I chose the NARVA 180 LEDs
Words and Images by Shane Stiffle

The standard headlights on my Amarok, simply put, suck. Without a bull bar on my Rok I can’t (and to be honest don’t want to) fit the biggest, brightest lights off the top shelf, however I want a quality set of lights that at the end of the day will help me see what’s up ahead. While hunting out a quality product, it was the Narva display at the 4X4 show that had me part with my hard earned, through a virtual reality headset. Basically, you put the headset on and presto you are in the driver’s seat, with the ability to virtually test their range of lights in different terrains and scenarios.
If you didn’t get to see this at the 4X4 shows, check it out here. 



I went with the Narva 180 LEDs, being the smaller sized model of the high-powered Narva LEDs and a good size for the Amarok. They don’t appear to block the airflow through the front grille, the height doesn’t sit above my bonnet when fitted to the NET4X4 spotlight mount, and this fixture easily handles the lightweight of the 180s. The Narva 180s feature a die-cast aluminium housing and three-bolt mounting system that seems well-made when in hand. On fitment I was worried about the ‘no tool’ hand vertical adjustment knob; initially I thought I would be re-adjusting and re-tightening the lights into position with a set of pliers. So far, they have held themselves in position being hand-tight over hundreds of kilometres of rocky dirt roads.

Stock lighting is dismal

The 180 LEDs are each fitted with 25 x 5W XP-G2 Cree LEDs and definitely throw out a large amount of light, especially for their compact size. Narva claims 1 lux at 600m with the two 180 lamps, at a colour temperature of 5700K. The distance when driving in my opinion is just right and the white light strikes a good balance with illumination and detail without being too harsh on the eyes. In my case the pencil beam doesn’t help the Amarok’s stock high beam for illumination on the side of the road, where I may look to aftermarket headlight globes as my solution here.


The spotlights have seen five months travelling over 15,000km through all weather conditions including use in 30°C plus nights, highway speeds through rain and sleet. I’m yet to submerse the lights (fit snorkel first) however the mud and bugs have been pressure washed off multiple times, they passed through multiple summer storms inclusive of a five-minute hail storm, with no signs of water ingress, chipping or discolouring. At the end of the day the reality is the compact size Narva 180 LEDs are a top-made quality light and definitely suit my needs. I can’t understand why I didn’t fit these sooner.

Spot light up my night

• 2 x LED lights with interchangeable colour options for the front bezel (Red, Black and Yellow)
• Pre-wired DT connectors
• Mounting hardware and the trusty instructions

Tip: Read the instructions as these lights feature a DRL that requires wiring into the park circuit. You can purchase the pre-made driving light harness, which can make DIY life a lot easier.

• Power: 120W
• Distance to 1 lux (pair): 600m
• Input voltage range: 9-33V
• Current draw: 8.9A at 12V
• Colour temperature: 5700K
• Beam Type: Hybrid beam pattern
• Operating temperature: -40°C to 65°C
• Weight: 1.75kg
• Price: RRP $499 per lamp




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