New vehicle dealerships to remain open despite further COVID-19 social distancing restrictions

Fcai Announce Dealerships To Remain Open

The FCAI has announced new vehicle dealerships will remain open despite the Government’s new social distancing restrictions around COVID-19.

The Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic continues to stomp on every single aspect of our lives but car dealerships are hoping to keep the doors open and retain some semblance of normality. The current social distancing restrictions have seen plenty of places close their doors to help slow the spread of Coronavirus.


Car dealerships are not closing their doors for now, with the industry body that supports the automotive industry, the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) announcing that vehicle dealers were still open for business but taking extra precautions around hygiene.

These changes include, not allowing test drives with the air-conditioning running, as the virus could end up in the air-con, and wiping down all surfaces on the vehicle before and after test drives, and asking those test driving vehicles to wear gloves.

Tony Weber, chief executive of the FCAI, said, ‘The operation of motor vehicle dealerships, their service and repair centres and key supply chain facilities play a critical part in supplying essential services to the community. With the increasing focus on social distancing, safe and reliable private transport is essential to enable communities and businesses to continue to operate”.

“The industry is keeping a watchful eye on the activities of parent companies across the globe, including in Europe, the USA, the UK and Asia, where production facilities in some plants have been temporarily closed. At this stage, there are no major restrictions on stock of either vehicles or parts”.

QUESTION: Are you planning to buy a new vehicle in the current climate?




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