The Americans aren’t as fond of diesel as we are, so this unit is getting petrol power under the bonnet. It’s a 2.3-litre turbocharged four-banger, which uses Ford’s ‘Ecoboost’ nomenclature. It’s also used in the Focus RS and Mustang, where it uses a twin-scroll turbo to make up to 257kW @ 6,000rpm and 440Nm, almost LS1 figures. We don’t know what figures the Ranger gets, but we’d assume Ford would tune the motor for strong mid-low rev torque.


What’s more relevant for us convicts is the overall look – which is the next evolution over what’s currently on Australian roads. We’ll have to wait and see if the look is exactly the same (especially the coloured front lip). As always, the big push will be electronic and safety technology. Autonomous Emergency Braking and blind-spot monitoring will add on top of the adaptive cruise and lane assist that we’ve already got.


The USA will get an ‘FX4’ model, which comes with a bash plate, off-road shocks and an off-road ‘Terrain Management System’ similar to the Everest. But if the status-quo stays in Australia, we probably won’t get this option.


Want to see what Australia will get? The next-gen Ranger for us will be floating around closer towards the end of the year, when we hope to bring out all of the juicy details. Now that the current Ranger is Australia’s best-selling 4X4, the next model will have big boots to fill.