Factory sound systems have certainly come a very long way from the buzz boxes you would get in cars in the 1990s. Upgrading was mandatory basically if you wanted to enjoy a bit of quality time with the wireless. While factory sound systems have improved, who says you can’t make them better by installing a subwoofer like this powered and slim 8-inch subwoofer from Alpine? The PWE-S8 is small enough to sit under your seat or behind seats in a confined cabin such as a single-cab ute; in fact it is only three inches thick! It’s made from cast metal for strength, making it a smart option for four-wheel drivers. There is even a wired remote that allows you to adjust the amount of bass produced on the fly. Perfect for when your driving soundtrack goes from The Gambler to Sandstorm by Darude and you want the whole neighbourhood to know just how hip you still are.


Priced from: $399