Project Rusty gets a sweet UHF radio from GME. Here’s how you can install one at home yourself!


On a recent trip to Cape York, the importance of good communication equipment became bleatingly obvious while bouncing down the very dusty Peninsula Development Road. You see, the leader of the group who was showing us around had a dodgy old 40ch unit that would work when it wanted to, making things quite frustrating in a convoy setting. With that memory fresh in our minds, we decided that getting the communication right in a vehicle like Rusty is extremely important. It needed to be idiot proof basically; as lots of different people of varying off-road skillsets would be driving old Rusty. So nothing too complicated. It also needed to be a reliable system – as not everyone is as good on the end of a soldering iron as Editor Dex (yes I’m sucking up… too soon for a pay rise?). With that in mind, the decision was made to fit a GME XRS-370C Connect remote face UHF which ticked all the boxes we had poorly drawn on the back of an old soiled napkin. As a side benefit, we found that this unit wasn’t just extremely comprehensive and of high quality; it was also really easy to install. In fact, connecting your modem at home would in all honesty be harder than this install! Roll up your sleeves; it’s time for a good old-fashioned DIY UHF install.  


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