As I write this piece, I’m sitting by the campfire off Bluff Track in the Victorian High Country. We’ve had a minor mechanical issue, and while we’re waiting for a part to arrive from Mansfield, it’s given me time to reflect on the trip I have just been on.


The sun is setting, the sky is clear and the fire is dulling down to produce a nice bed of coals in preparation for a slow-cooked lamb roast. I simply can’t do justice with words to how magical the light is right now… so much so that the production team on the trip simply can’t be seen. I can hear them rustling through grass and climbing trees to get shots, however.


It’s incredibly dusty. My feet look like those belonging to a hobbit, with only a dip in a creek as a wash in the last seven days. And you know what? I’m on top of the bloody world! I’m going to say it, if you’re looking for a proper 4WD adventure – one that you can tailor to your exact needs – you cannot beat the Victorian High Country.


In my opinion, this is as good as four-wheel driving and camping can possibly get. This is the fourth time I’ve been here; and even with seven days, we haven’t scratched the surface. The huts, the tracks, the scenery, the tightknit towns, the people, the wildlife and the views are just… wow, hot damn!


If you haven’t been here, you just have to do it. Even if you just start planning, I can’t recommend a trip like this highly enough.


But it begs the question: Do you agree when I say the Victorian High Country is Australia’s best camping and 4WD destination? I’ll need some pretty serious convincing to believe otherwise.