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The Frontrunner Flatpack kitchenware set is an all silicone set of essential camp kitchen containers and tools. The set packs down extremely small, is completely “soft” and can be used for a wide range of applications.

Space and weight are always at a premium in your 4×4 and this set tackles both these criteria with style. The soft silicone material is extremely durable and protects the other products rattling around in your camp kitchen while you bounce down remote off-road tracks.



WEIGHT: 1.49 kg

MATERIAL: Food-Grade Silicone. Safe For Microwave, Oven (up to 227 Degrees C), Refrigerator and Dishwasher.

INCLUDES: 1 Large bowl, 1 medium bowl, 1 funnel, 2 storage containers with lids, 1 large strainer, 2 small drinking cups, 1 mesh drawstring bag

BOWLS: The medium and large bowls, while perfect for all of your mixing needs, also double quite nicely as wash basins.


FUNNEL: The funnel is perfect for pouring oil, previously used for frying, back into the small-rimmed oil container. Just stick a crumpled paper towel in the bottom of the funnel to catch the remaining fry bits, then you can squeeze the last oil through the ‘filter’ because of it’s flexible silicone construction.

STORAGE CONTAINER: Leftovers! This set comes with two good-sized square containers that fit quite nicely in many top load fridges. They fit, because they flex, while still retaining their seal. As an added bonus these containers work great as dining bowls.

STRAINER: The strainer has no magical attributes except to be perfectly handy when you need it to be. If you are trying to save the water from whatever you are straining, leave the strainer half expanded, then place the large bowl underneath to catch your pour.


CUPS: One of the most important things to prepare for is partaking in libations after a successful offroad recovery, or really any reason you might need to enjoy a tasty cold libation. If you’ve gone through the trouble of bringing that bottle of whiskey or wine, having cups to share just takes it one step further. In line with the rest of these items, the cups collapse to about an inch and are easily tucked away.

For anyone who is in the small space game, this is an excellent product to welcome into your cooking arsenal. Easy to clean, easy to store, and can handle the heat. Your overland kitchen won’t be complete without the Front Runner Flatpack Kitchenware Set!