Not even a change in venue, or bucketloads of rain leading up to the legendary Big Red Bash, would stop punters from rocking out in the desert it seems. The official stats have just landed: According to the organisers, over 7,000 people attended this year’s event, which was held in Birdsville instead of at the base of Big Red… the largest sand dune in the Simpson Desert.

Excessive rain caused event organisers to move the event into Birdsville, but by the sounds of it, attendees didn’t let this minor detail get in the way of a good time – with over 600 families (including 1,200 children) also in attendance. Birdsville came to life with an electric atmosphere while partying to acts such as Jimmy Barnes, Paul Kelly and The Angels.

In even better news, the Big Red Bash will be on again in 2017… so make sure you keep 4-6 July free.

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