Perth-based company iTechworld has been working with generators for the best part of a decade now, and is excited to introduce its 4.8KVA Inverter generator. The company has designed this generator specifically to handle the huge demands of caravan A/C units which can draw up to 3,000 watts on start-up. This particular generator also features key start and electronic fuel injection for easy starting and efficient running. There are two 15-amp AC outlets, and iTechworld even includes a 12V battery charger enabling you to charge your caravan batteries on the road. Another clever feature is the built-in trolley that allows for easy movement around camp or at home. And… the noise? Well iTechworld claims that due to the muffler system fitted, this 4.8KVA Inverter generator will operate at just 57db at full load. As a special offer, iTechworld are now offering this generator with a free 120 watt solar panel kit free of charge… pun intended.


Priced from: $1,899

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