A good quality torch is always going to come in handy, but a pocket-sized torch like the Monarch 6 from Leatherman is superbly practical for four-wheel drivers and campers. No longer do you have to lug around bulky torches on trips or in your 4X4. The Monarch 6 weighs just 95.4 grams and is just 13.5cm in length – meaning you can store it anywhere, really. In your glovebox, in a side pocket or even stashed away with your tools. The Leatherman team mention that the Monarch 6 has been tested to pass impact resistance of 1m and has a dustproof and waterproof level of IPX4. Being small, you would think this torch wouldn’t be a strong performer; however the Leatherman people also mention they have tested this torch to have an ANSI max beam distance of 28 metres and an expected runtime of 15.5 hours. Not bad for something that costs as much as a cheap case of domestic ale and weighs less than… well, you can use your imagination there.


Priced from: $44