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New 1.5L, three-link live axles for 2019 Jimny

Along with the 70 Series LandCruiser, the Suzuki Jimny is one of the last of the properly old-school 4WDs still standing. Where others have morphed into something new or died off completely, the Jimny has some serious heritage in it’s lineage.

In 2019, that lineage will continue with a new Jimny. The current model is only allowed a tiny amount of sales, due to it falling foul of safety regulations. And coming from some leaked documents in Japan, we’ve got some juicy details.


No three-bangers, no turbos under the bonnet, the engine is an all-new 1.5L, four-cylinder ‘K15B’. The Jimny’s old 1.3L made 62.5kW @ 6,000rpm, and 110Nm @ 4,100rpm. And with a kerb weight of only 1,060kg, it was a decent amount of power for the little battler.

This new motor improves that figure to 77kW @ 6,000rpm and 138Nm @ 4,400rpm. The gearbox options look to stay the same: four-speed automatic and five-speed manual shifters to choose from.

In terms of other running gear, it looks like the little Jimny is continuing with the same recipe of ingredients. It’s a newly designed, stiffer ladder chassis, using a three-link/panhard rod suspension setup on live axles front and rear. It’s keeping the same part-time 4WD setup as well, with a low range transfer case. Here are some other cool details we’ve spotted: high-pinion front diff, six traditional rubber body mounts and either 175/80 R16 or 195/80 R15 rubber.

The look is all new, but still all Jimny. With a solid dosage of slab-sided nostalgia, we reckon the new Jimny looks awesome (and will look even better with some bigger rubber). We’re very excited to get behind the wheel.