It is often the little things that make a touring four-wheel drive much more enjoyable. Be that a nicer sound system, some comfy seat covers or (in this case) an illuminated mirror to suit either sun visor of your Land Rover Defender. Wayne Nugget Nielsen is a regular contributor to Unsealed 4X4, and has just released what he calls a ‘marriage saving product’. His wife wanted a mirror on the passenger side visor, and Wayne decided it was time to create something a little more flash… incorporating two lights into the mirror. This mirror can be installed into your old visor; or if it’s too far gone, a new genuine visor can be supplied for a bit more folding stuff. Nugget Stuff has a variety of other nifty products to suit Land Rover Defenders (and a few other 4X4s), all of which are made in Australia by the man himself wherever possible.

Priced from: $165 fitted to your visor; $285 fitted to a new supplied visor.