Amidst a small raft of changes coming through for the ever-popular Toyota 4WD utes and wagons, Toyota has finally pulled the plug on the petrol powerplant variant. What was once a real mainstay option of petrol power is now dead, with the 4.0L V6 being removed from the Australia line-up completely.


The HiLux is getting a tweaked specification line-up as well, with more automatic transmissions available in the lower-spec levels. You can now buy a Workmate dual-cab ute with the auto, as well as SR extra-cabs with the better 2.8L motor. So if you prefer your vinyl floors over carpet, you’re well catered for.


The LandCruiser Prado also gets a big update, with a facelifted look and lots of new tech landing in the middle specs. In the looks department, the Prado has taken some big cues from the 200 Series with a similar bonnet and headlight design. Inside, the dated interior gets a much-needed refresh, and lots of safety features from the VX and Kakadu have now trickled down into the volume-selling GX and GXL models. Autonomous braking, active cruise control and lane departure warning are all now included on the lower price points.