Unsealed 4X4 Readers’ Rigs



While the plates on David’s JK Wrangler may seem a little over the top for a JK, we assure you, they’re well earned. Somehow, he’s managed to shoehorn an LS2 into the Rumblebee. We didn’t really believe him until we saw the pictures either. Rumblebee was the first JK to have an LS thrown into it in WA from what David tells us, and why else, besides because you can. Chances are he’d have a touch more poke than a standard JK that’s for sure. The JK gets used to take David out to Kalgans and Stuarts Pools over west. Nice truck mate and we reckon you’ve earned the plates!



We happened to catch up with Chris on our way up Blue Rag Range Track just before Easter and couldn’t believe how well the humble D22 has been built up. Sporting the YD25 donk, Chris has had the Nav for over five years now. The mods have been slowly getting thrown at it, however it’s built up enough to do the high country, no hassles at all. It’s got an SW Diesel Performance chip pushing the YD, snorkel and K&N filter looking after the intake, 3-inch exhaust from the turbo back, 2-inch Toughdog suspension kit and steering damper, plus a set of Desert Hawk 33” XMT tyres. Out the front there’s a 12,000lb winch, more lights than you can poke a stick at and the interior has the usual touring mods: an Engel fridge, UHF and off-road GPS. All in all, a very neat Nav, Chris – was great catching up with you on Blue Rag mate!



Starting life as mum’s shopping wagon, Mark’s 2000 NM Pajero, affectionately known as Maximo, has been built up into a rather solid tourer. A 2” lift, MCC front bar, VMS 9000 Plasma winch and a set of LED spotties really set off the exterior. From there Mark has thrown the GME UHF in, Safari snorkel and an awning on the side to finish up the build. Accessories wise he’s got a Waeco fridge in the back running off a dual battery setup, solar panel up top and the required 12V shower for extended trips away from civilisation. Maximo gets dragged all over the countryside from Mungo to the back of Coffs, across to The Alice, and recently up to Stradbroke Island. Future trips will be down to Kosciusko, and a lap around Tassie. Nice bus mate, and the proof is in the pudding that Paj’s are a bloody capable and comfy tourer!