Toyota Racing Development gets its hands on the mighty Lux, and doesn’t do much really…


…Ok, that’s probably unfair. They did add a total of fifteen new parts, and they made the ute look tougher with some 18in alloys, sports bar and some actually useful looking skidplates under the front end, and there’s a towing kit thrown in the back for good measure. A different grille, flares and a TRD branded gear knob and floor mats round out most of the other additions.


Look, we like the Lux, it’s still the benchmark dual-cab (pipe down Ranger owners, nobody cares) in this country and is well and truly proven in Australian conditions, so I’m honestly not trying to insult the vehicle here. I’m just a touch salty over the fact that the TRD brand seems to have been a bit watered down. Not so long ago a TRD badge meant something cool was under the bonnet, like a supercharger or ballsy petrol engine. That mentality has apparently fallen by the wayside and has been replaced with knobs, floor mats and shiny rims.


With pricing starting at $58,990, the TRD HiLux still represents good value for money… but I’d still trade a branded lower bumper cover for a blower in a heartbeat.