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We all should have a dash cam for capturing traffic incidents; and more importantly for showing your mates that you never actually were stuck in that bog hole, by replaying the footage with GPS speedo and proving your speed never actually hit zero km/h. Uniden has just released the iGO range. They’re a full series of cams, from the iGO Cam 30 all the way up to the fully equipped iGO Cam 80. They cover everything from GPS speed to 4K video output (for watching the bloke in front of you getting stuck on the big screen). They have a viewing angle of 120-150 degrees so you won’t miss any of the action. Oh, and they’ll also let you know where the speed and red light cameras are while you’re on the blacktop. Don’t leave home without one!


Priced from: $99.95 to $299.95