Nicholas’ 1975 FJ55 LandCruiser

After owning and then selling a rusted 75 Series converted to an extra cab, and having a TJ Wrangler for 11 years, Nicholas was looking for something with more cabin space and the ability to tow the boat when the wife had their Amarok. He picked up this FJ55 from a bloke who had a great appreciation of early LandCruisers and more than a couple of good projects on the go. Nicholas found it up in Brisbane and drove it back home to Cloncurry (Qld) with a mate; a distance of 1,700km. Problems encountered have been few, according to Nicholas. It did get stuck in low range when the shift fork dropped under the shift lever… once identified the problem was fixed with a washer to lift the fork back into position. You can’t beat that for reliability! Enjoy your Drivetech 4×4 prize pack, mate!



Scott and his wife have recently completed a trip out to Cameron Corner and several of the hotspots along the way in their 2015 Ford Ranger – which they say handled the trip without a problem. The Ranger is pretty standard, but they have accessorised it with a few key additions. These include a towbar, a bullbar, a winch, a snorkel and a set of rear drawers. When we pushed them for a few words to describe their Ranger, ‘bloody awesome’ was the answer we got back from them. Seems like we have two very happy campers on our hands. Well done guys, bet you are looking forward to your next adventure?



Matthew and his partner Kerrie live in Victoria, but they haven’t let that stop them from seeing a fair chunk of the country in their Isuzu D-Max. Recently they did an Outback trip that took years of planning to put together – including Googs Track, Coober Pedy, Anne Beadell Highway and the Connie Sue Highway. The D-Max took it all in its stride, because they were well prepared. It’s been kitted out with a Long Range tank, TJM snorkel and suspension lift. Dual batteries were installed early in the piece, as well as rear drawers and a drop-down fridge slide to make access to refreshments much easier.



You might have seen Lucy and Matthew’s D22 Navara on these pages before. That is because they are regular contributors to Unsealed 4X4. The D22 has been built to handle camping duties, as it seems these guys are always on the road. The D22 features a rooftop tent, Cooper tyres, a huge custom snorkel and underbody bashplates to protect any vital exposed components. Not only are these guys keen four-wheel drivers and campers, they can often be found on the end of a fishing rod or floating in a kayak. If you see this super-neat D22 out on the tracks, be sure to say g’day.