In this game, having items with multiple purposes saves weight and space in your vehicle or backpack. This beauty from VSSL is not just an LED torch, but also a water-resistant storage tube that holds your survival gear. Batteries are included, and the LED torch features static, SOS and flood beam patterns. Inside the torch you can store small tins of vital survival gear – ranging from fire starters to fishing tackle or first aid kits. Each tin costs just a few dollars ($6 to $10), and you can fill them with whatever you see fitting if they don’t have what you need… like chocolate or jelly beans. There is even a candle tin for $6, and a wire hand-saw tin available for just $10. This torch could really save your bacon in the event of an accident, and would certainly make an excellent talking point around the campfire.


Priced from: $99.50 (USD)

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