Waeco has just released its latest and most advanced fridge freezer. The CFX-95DZ2 fridge freezer might have a confusing name – but it’s pretty easy to work out the 95 stands for 95L capacity, and DZ refers to dual zone. That’s right, Waeco is now selling a dual zone fridge freezer. Still confused? Dual zone fridge freezers have two separate compartments with separate lids. The benefit here is you can have one set as a dedicated fridge and the other as a freezer. Where things get really cool (sorry, bad pun) is when you take a closer look at the exclusive app Waeco offers, which allows you to control and monitor your fridge from your phone. We’re not joking … the CFX-95DZ is Wi-Fi enabled, and also features an inbuilt USB charging point to power your smart phone.

Priced TBC