While you may be happy with your swag, we reckon you’d be even more rapt with an off-road caravan behind your four-wheel drive! And best of all you could have this JB Dirt Road Xtreme sitting in your drive for the price that everyone can afford; it’s free! Yep, free. You could win this beauty with the click of a button.


The 20-foot 6-inch rear-door caravan offers everything you will need for great adventures. A tough 3.5-tonne 3.2mm SupaGal chassis underpins the caravan which is fitted with renowned AL-KO Cross Country independent suspension and Electronic Stability Control.


You won’t need to do much to hitch up but you will need the capacity to use the Vehicle Components DO35 hitch so that all those off-road destinations will be easily and safely within your reach. Extended chequerplate cladding will protect your new van from the worst of the terrain. Now while a swag or even a camper-trailer may keep you dry (in reasonable comfort), the Dirt Road Xtreme takes your comfort to a whole new level. A queen bed upfront in the bedroom and an ensuite bathroom at the rear with a shower, hot water and even a 3kg washing machine means that whatever you’ve been up to during the day will be washed off to make you ready for a feed. Outside you can hook up the barbecue, under the awning, while listening to your favourite tunes via the indoor/outdoor entertainment system. Or you can use the full cooktop with oven (or even the microwave if you’re on mains power). While you’re at it you can make yourself even more comfortable with the reverse-cycle air-conditioner.


Of course, if you’re heading remote you can look after your power needs with twin 150-watt solar panels and there’s also an on-board grey water tank to catch your waste water. With leather upholstery in the lounge and a TV/DVD player and stylish modern finishes, the Dirt Road Xtreme is equipped to make any journey ‘extreme’ only in terms of the country you can cover.


We’ve only scratched the surface with what’s on offer in this fantastic prize from our friends at JB Caravans. It’s worth an incredible $80,000! All you have to do to take your camping to the next level is click here to enter!


  1. This would be a great prize to win! We’re big on 4wdriving all year round in Tassies rugged West Coast, camping not so much as we have a tent currently and can only use that during the summer months. We’ve been trying so hard to save and buy a caravan and recently my partner was told he will loose his job as of Nov, so all our hard earned money will go towards keeping alfloat until he finds a new job

  2. What a great prize to win. I saw the van on TV and thought that this van would give my husband the ability to travel where he wants whilst having the comfort I need as I have a back injury.
    It is uncomplicated, easy once you arrive or for a rest whilst on the road and with a great layout.

  3. This would be perfect for our family trip around Australia. Having the ability to pull over anywhere and be set up, beds made and really for relaxation. Sounds perfect to me. I think once we finished our trip it wouldn’t last long in the drive way as my parents would be doing the same trip

  4. I would use this all the time!!
    Travel around oz…
    My dream come true!
    I think I could change hubbys mind of a camper trailer with this caravan !

  5. Is there really anything more you could want in an off-road van?

  6. It would be nice to have someone van like that .never will own one like that

  7. I would love to show my new wife (Chinese) the real Australia not the cities she see’s in the advertising.

  8. Just so many things in this van that are extras in other vans.

  9. This would be great to win we are now retired and have started to travel but our van is extremely small not much room to move around so to win a new van would be awsome

  10. A step up from the humble swags but remember there are places that the swags can go and the van has to stay home ah the best of both worlds

  11. Just what I need for my family so we can get to see more places , would love to win it. 💓

  12. My wife and have done abit of travel but I can imagine how much further we could go in your van.
    Would absolutely love to pull over in yours and compare to others as you do.
    We have worked hard and now time to play.

  13. Would love to win the van and take my family travelling around Australia,my kids think it would be an adventure

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