2020 Ford Bronco tested off-road

By Isaac Bober 3 Min Read

The 2020 Ford Bronco will be revealed around the middle of this year with Ford releasing an official teaser video showing a prototype Bronco being tested off-road.

The internet is literally on tender hooks waiting for the release of the all-new Ford Bronco… a vehicle that’s been teased many times but will get its official release later this year. In this video you can see a prototype Bronco being driven around the Mojave Desert’s Johnson Valley.


In a statement accompanying the video, Ford said: “In the Mojave Desert’s Johnson Valley, home to such punishing motorsports series as King of the Hammers, the Bronco prototype is being pushed to its limits off-road in gruelling conditions crawling up rocks and racing across sand”.

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Details are still incredibly thin on the ground but we do know the Bronco will be based on the T6 architecture (think Ranger and Everest) and while Ford is adamant the video shows a prototype only, which looks to be based on a short-wheelbase version of the T6 platform (think SWB Ranger in Thailand), the recent Baja-ready racer Bronco R is our best look at the lines of the new Bronco.

According to a report on Automotive News in the US, Ford dealers have been told there will be a baby Bronco and then a pickup version towards the end of the year. Other outlets have suggested it might not be out until 2024… but given Ford is super keen to compete with the Jeep Gladiator, it’s likely that Automotive News is closer to the money. And that’s despite the Ranger being available in the US – it’s not a Gladiator fighter.

No-one knows what the exact suspension setup will be (but we know it’ll share its platform specifically with the Ranger rather than the Everest) on the Bronco but from spy images we’ve seen and the video above you can suggest it’s clearly been fitted with the levelling kit Ford recently released, as it’s travelling very level unlike the regular Ranger. The suspension seems soft in the video and ground clearance looks to be better than the Ranger or Everest but then there are no running boards on the vehicle in the video so that could be throwing our eye out.

Speculation suggests the Bronco will run a 2.7-litre Ecoboost V6 mated to a 10-speed automatic. Because Ford is chasing Jeep with the Bronco, it might also be offered with a manual transmission. A hybrid variant will also be built.

Question: Should Ford bring the Bronco to Australia?

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