2020 King of the Hammers

King Of The Hammers Ultra4racing

2020 King of the Hammers Monster Energy wrap.

Monster Energy has unleashed an epic seven-minute film showing some of the off-road action from this year’s King of the Hammers held in February in Johnson Valley, Hammertown, between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.


The event grows every year and it attracts hundreds of race teams and thousands of spectators. Run over eight days, the event includes everything from rock crawlers to high-speed desert trucks and UTVs to dirtbikes.

King Of The Hammers Ultra4racing
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If you like carnage, you’ll love the King of the Hammers, with the brutal terrain of Johnson Valley exceeding the ability of many competitors, and their rock crawlers, resulting in rollovers and mechanical destruction.

As well as the racing action, the event features plenty of other live entertainment and has been described as a Burning Man festival for gearheads.

“King of the Hammers is way more than an off-road event; it’s a lifestyle, this is something you live for and every day of the year you’re ready to come back and see it all again,” explains competitor Casey Currie.

“Hammertown has it’s own personality,” adds racer Cameron Steele. “Every year this event gets bigger, a little crazier and more fun. I tell ya, you got to check it out. Come see it. The King of the Hammers… where it’s going next year, I have no idea, but it’s going to be mind-blowing!”








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