Five reasons you should install a roof console

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When you think of 4×4 storage, normally it’s the big ticket items like storage drawers or tubs that come to mind. Which makes sense. But, what about some of the smaller items that serve a big job, like roof consoles? 

Here are five reasons why we feel you should consider a roof console, to improve the amount of useable storage in any 4×4.

Makes use of wasted space

What else are you going to stick on your roof in the space a roof console would live? Nothing. It’s pure wasted space. By fitting a roof console, you not only make use of this space by increasing storage, but you also give a home for items like maps, for example, to live permanently.


Store more gear

This goes without saying, but with more storage space, you can fit more gear. What we love about using roof consoles for storage, is good ones will solve storage issues for certain items, not just give you an extra bit of room. Best of all, these items will be stored safely and securely.

Puts vitals like UHF closer to your hands – safer

Being able to install a UHF radio into a roof console is a great solution. Not only does this free up space on your dash, but it puts the radio microphone and speaker right near your ears, so you can hear and make transmissions easier. It’s also a great position for your passenger to have easy access in case they need to have a chat with your travelling convoy.

Place for additional switches

We all love adding accessories to our four-wheel drives, but where do you put the switches to run these accessories? This is especially true of modern vehicles, where real estate is at a premium. Take the hassle out of your installation, and bypass the issue completely, by installing a roof console.

Additional lighting

You can never have too much interior lighting in a four-wheel drive. A good quality roof console, like the one pictured from 4WD Interiors, not only uses premium LED lighting. This style of roof console includes additional lighting. With front lights that operate as reading lights, and LED interior lights for cabin illumination.

For more information on roof consoles, or other storage solutions, be sure to check out 4WD Interiors website.


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