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Toyota Australia has confirmed that the FJ Cruiser 4X4 will no longer be produced for the Australian market, despite outselling rival JK Jeep Wrangler. In fact the FJ Cruiser has surpassed even Toyota’s expectations in terms of sales, with over 11,000 units sold in Australia since the retro-Cruiser was introduced back in 2011.

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“The FJ Cruiser has indeed been very well received both in Australia and globally,” Toyota Australia tells Unsealed 4X4. “The Australian model cycle for the FJ Cruiser means that August 2016 is the final month for production for our market.”


When asked why the announcement has been made, Toyota Australia remained tightlipped. “Knowing people are indeed very passionate about this highly capable 4WD, we wanted to make announcements a few months prior to the final vehicles arriving… in order to give anyone interested in the FJ Cruiser the opportunity to either go and test drive one, or place an order via their local dealership.”


Basically folks, if you have been thinking of buying a new FJ Cruiser from Toyota, now is the time to do so.


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