Editor’s Column: Looking Forward

To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin: Failing to plan is planning to fail. Over the holidays and the recent Australia Day long weekend, all of our brains have been dreaming big. After several campfire meetings (where all the best ideas come out) I have to tell you… we have a hell of a year planned here at Unsealed 4X4.



We’re kicking around the idea of exploring up the Top End, and we’ll be hitting up the Big Red Bash again this year too – as well as meeting up with you at the 4WD shows and even visiting a few of the fantastic events like The Man From Snowy River Festival down in Victoria. We’ll also be taking Project Rusty out on its first ever shakedown run in a couple of months and there’s even talk about driving it over to WA for a (nervous) run up the coast. To say I’m pumped would be an understatement.


Oh, I also wanted to tell you guys about the huge amount of feedback we received about my last column, where I asked you if you thought we should include more ‘other stuff’ in the mag. Things like motorbikes, boats and fishing and so on. You came back to us with an overwhelming “Hell yeah!” – so keep an eye out in the coming months for reviews and travel yarns that’ll include that sort of gear which all of us here can’t wait to bring you. Something about getting sideways in a side-by-side on the dirt tends to makes us start giggling. We’re not even a little ashamed…



And in case you’re wondering, we’ll be ramping up our industry-leading straight-shooting product comparisons a lot over the next few months. I don’t want to give too much away at this point, but let’s just say more than a few eyebrows will be raised when these things get published. Ever wondered if that accessory you bought on Alibaba for 20 bucks is as good as the branded one that’s ten times the price? Watch this space; we’ll tell you.


As always, we love nothing more than to hear from you guys and get your feedback on Unsealed 4X4, whether it be to complain to us that it’s too expensive (yes, it’s happened) or just to show off your rig, tell us about your own adventures or suggest to us what you’d like to see. Don’t be shy to drop us a line. Your comments and queries come directly to us (not some poor junior in sub-basement B) so hit us up.


We’re all psyched to bring you the best off-road content in the country as our planet does its next lap of the sun, and I hope you guys like reading/watching it as much as we like producing it. Here’s to 2017!


Catch you out on the tracks.





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  1. Stick me on the hell no list for articles about bikes, boats, quads. They already have magazines and I’d read them if I’m interested. I’m interested in 4wd stuff and magazines that cover it just as you do just fine right now. My vote.
    Cheers andy

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