Fraser Island fires worsen

Fraser Island fires

In a turn for the worse, the fires currently ravaging Fraser Island have ramped up, causing an emergency warning to be issued for those in Happy Valley.

The fires, that have been burning on Fraser Island for more than seven weeks now started in the north and have now burnt over 50 per cent of the island. The fires have continued to worsen over the past weeks, with hotter summer conditions hampering Queensland Fire & Emergency Services’ efforts to bring a halt to the blaze.


Any access to the island by non-residents has been halted as of last week, with a current Park Alert on the Queensland Parks and forests website showing restricted access is now in force. With no relief to the continuing hot and dry conditions in sight, if Fraser Island was on the trip-list for Christmas, it may be time to start planning another option due to the ongoing fires. You can find more information on the park and closure here on the Queensland Parks website.

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For those looking for another adventure to take the family on over the Christmas break, make sure you have a look at Moreton Island to the south, or alternatively Byfield National Park just north of Rockhampton, just a few hours north of Fraser Island.




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