Sure this might not be the most glamorous topic, but hey, we all do it. And when it comes to camping, basic bathroom facilities can make or break relationships. My wife even flat out refuses to come camping with me unless there is at least a toilet block, and I guess that is fair enough. So what do you do if there is a stunning camping spot you are keen to check out, but there is a black spot against its name thanks to the lack of facilities? Simple, you bring your own from home! What we have assembled here is a collection of the best products available to help you attend to nature’s call, no matter how far away you are from taps, hand basins or flushing porcelain bowls.



Cleanliness and protection from germs is so important when camping, which is why a small bottle of hand sanitiser can usually be found in all of our crew vehicles and toiletries bags. What we like about Hand Sanz, is the fact it is an antiseptic hand sanitiser that is all natural yet proven to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria including pneumonia, e. coli and MRSA in just 15 seconds! The main ingredient is 62% Ethyl Alcohol which is then added to wood cellulose and vegetable glycerine to thicken the product into a gel. Thanks to the inclusion of aloe vera, Hand Sanz wont leave your skin dry either which is a common complaint with other brands of hand sanitiser. Priced from $7


Privacy can be a little hard to come by while camping sometimes, it seems you will not see a soul for hours or even days, and the second you make yourself comfortable, a scout or school excursion group will come trundling past armed with a million cameras. A decent popup ensuite tent is a very smart addition for such occasions, which is why we like the Oztrail Double Ensuite Tent. It has room for both a shower and a toilet, yet simply pops up and folds down like a conventional ensuite tent. A centre-dividing wall allows for additional privacy, however it can also be removed if more space is required.


Priced from $229.95


Some camping toilets are pretty bulky and uncool, but the Go Anywhere Portable Toilet is like something you would see in a James Bond movie. Well, maybe not… but it does fold up into a brief case! But don’t for a minute think of this as a gimmick, the unit will even carry up to 250kg of weight, so it is built for people of all shapes and sizes (it is made in America after all). There is no mixing of messy chemicals, and no emptying waste storage tanks either. Simply place a supplied bag under the lid (skip forward five minutes), dispose of the bag and fold the unit up back into the brief case.

Priced from $95


Gross name, but a clever idea none the less. Essentially, in the most basic form the Thunder Down Under is a bucket with a toilet seat mounted to it. Yep, pretty simple, but at the same time it is a complete stroke of genius. Elemental also sell 100% biodegradable bags, which sit inside the bucket and can be then thoughtfully disposed of when the moment is right. There is no need to empty messy cartridges or carry chemicals around with you. This is just a simple bucket with a seat and a few plastic bags to pack into your vehicle or camper trailer.



What we have found here is claimed to be the strongest, lightest and most compact camp trowel on the market. The Sea To Summit Pocket Trowel is made up of an ingenious collapsible design, where the detachable handle even has provisions for storing toilet paper or a gas lighter inside. Once assembled, the trowel is perfect for digging holes to do you-know-what, and thanks to the light weight aluminium alloy construction and hard anodised blade, the Sea To Summit Pocket Trowel is built to last. There is even a choice of colours available, which provides a pleasant distraction from thinking about what unpleasant tasks lay ahead for this trowel.


Priced from $30


It is often the simple things that make life better. For anyone that has ever taken a roll of toilet paper for an intimate walk through the bush, only to place it in wet mud or a puddle before the moment of truth, well this is the product for you. The Outhouse Toilet Roll Holder is a fully waterproof seam sealed roll top bag that dispenses dry toilet paper on demand. Simply hang it up on a tree, or if you are desperate wear it around your neck with the attached neck cord. So while this may look like one of the simplest items in this here guide, the team at Sea To Summit took over two years to develop the product into what it is today.

Priced from $12


Toilet papers aren’t toilet papers, and if you have been unlucky enough to use truck stop grade single ply before you will know the agony. Aqua-Soft toilet tissue is a soft 2-ply tissue that is 100% biodegradable so is perfect for outdoors use. Not only is it biodegradable, but it is rapidly dissolvable making it perfect for chemical toilets in camper trailers or motorhomes too. In fact, it has been specifically made for RV and marine sanitation systems. Available in a four-pack with 396 sheets per roll, so a little goes a long way.

Priced from $8


If the idea of doing ‘number one’ in the bush or on the road sends shivers up your spine, then the Travel John Disposable Urinal might be the answer to your prayers. It is a revolutionary bag-within-a-bag design, which contains an odourless non-toxic spill proof material that turns into a gel once any moisture is absorbed. No closure is needed after use, and it is waste disposal safe too, meaning the whole bag can simply be thrown in the bin once you are done. The unisex plastic collar makes it easy to use no matter who you are, and there is even a built in volume indicator to avoid any nasty accidents.

Priced from $12


This is an idea I can get behind. The Oztrail Toilet Chair looks just like a regular camp chair, except it has a fold-up flap which when lifted highlights the true colours of the product. Yep, the Oztrail Toilet Chair is a folding, soft-padded camp chair that transforms into a toilet base with just the lift of a flap. This is just the thing to go inside a popup toilet tent for the most comfortable bathroom break this side of a 5-star hotel. Well maybe not quite, but it sure beats digging a hole or sitting on a makeshift milk crate contraption.

Priced from $34.95


This is a great product for anyone who enjoys traveling! The Kathmandu Kit Split Hanging Toiletries bag can be hung on a tree or in a vehicle. In a unique twist, it can also be split into half to allow for his-and-hers toiletries bags, or just provide a more organised storage solution compared to other designs. It can even handle separate wet and dry storage. The two main compartments feature an internal organiser, as well as a removable mirror. Another strong point for the Kit Split Toiletries Bag, is if you are down on vehicle space just take half the bag with you. Simple!

Priced from $50




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