NSW limits GVM Upgrades without industry consultation

Those seeking a GVM upgrade for their 4×4 in NSW will no doubt be surprised to learn that there’s been a recent change to the Vehicle Safety Compliance Certification Scheme (VSCCS) that limits such increases to the vehicle’s axle mass rating.


While the change doesn’t affect vehicles produced by Second Stage Manufacturers (i.e. vehicles fitted with a GVM upgrade by a second stage vehicle manufacturer prior to first registration) it does affect vehicles in NSW that are already registered.

Several aftermarket companies, including ARB, Ironman 4×4 and Lovells Springs make GVM upgrades to suit a variety of vehicles and, under the revised VSCCS, not all of these upgrades will be compliant. For example, in the case of the Toyota LandCrusier 200 Series vehicles already registered in NSW, GVM upgrades of 4000kg or more will no longer be permitted; the maximum permitted will now be 3650kg.

Ironman 200 Gvm

According to ‘VSCCS Notice 17 – Conditions to increase axle mass ratings above the vehicle manufacturer’s ratings’ dated 20 April 2020, which Unsealed 4X4 has been told was issued without prior consultation with aftermarket suspension manufacturers, the new conditions are as follows:

Increasing axle mass ratings above the first stage vehicle manufacturer’s rating is ONLY PERMITTED providing:

  • It is supported by documentation from the first stage vehicle manufacturer or axle manufacturer with specifications pertaining to Australian conditions; or
  • The standard components have been replaced with components of a higher rating as appropriate with specifications pertaining to Australian conditions.

This notice is to clarify future and existing modifications based on the applicable Vehicle Standards Bulletins VSB 14 and VSB 6 which have been in place since February 2006.

Screen Shot 2020 04 29 At 12.51.09 Pm

At the time of writing, Unsealed 4X4 was seeking further clarification from NSW Transport – Roads & Maritime Services. We’ll keep you posted.




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