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Who doesn’t love camping snacks? The combination of roasted marshmallow, gooey melted chocolate and crisp crackers, has easily kept s’mores as the ongoing number one American camp snack. However, we knew there was an Aussie camping snack out there that could rival the s’more, or dare I say beat it!

So, we took to the people. Our Unsealed 4X4 social media community to be specific. We asked you guys what your go-to snack was for a camping trip and boy did you deliver.

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We’ve listed some of your favourites below:

Chocolate bananas in alfoil

Also known as campfire banana boats, this delicious snack is a cross between a s’more and a banana split. Simply cut a banana down the centre, stuff it with chocolate, wrap it in tin foil, and hold it over the campfire. The fire will do its part melting the chocolate inside and you’ll do yours by devouring it afterwards. Yum!

Waffle cone extravaganza

As the name implies, this campfire cone dessert is extravagant! Fill a waffle cone with your choice of fillings. Think things like peanut butter, chocolate, strawberries, Nutella, m&m’s or marshmallows. Then wrap your creation in foil and cook it over the fire until you feel it’s warmed through.

Golden syrup damper

To make this campfire classic, first place your camp oven on the fire to pre-heat. Dissolve your golden syrup and butter in boiling water, then add milk. After you mix the flour and salt, pour in the liquid ingredients and work the batter. Add more milk gradually if the dough is too dry, roll into a circle then place in your pre-heated camp oven. Cover with coals and bake for roughly half an hour, outside of the fire.


Smother in butter and more golden syrup afterward (if you’d like) and enjoy!

Campfire potatoes

Craving hot chips while you’re in the middle of the bush? Look no further than campfire potatoes. A step away from the sweet side, this delicious snack cooks up fast and can be eaten on its own or served with dinner. To make, simply smear your potatoes with butter and add any herbs or spices that you desire. Then double wrap the potatoes and pop them over the fire to cook until soft.

Snags on bread

The rule is, if you can barbeque it, then you can cook it over a campfire. To cook up your snags, first set down some campfire ironware over the fire, such as a grate. Then lay your sausages on top and wait for those babies to cook up. The smell may waft over to your neighbours’ tent, so be prepared to reluctantly share with other campers.

When they’re cooked through, pop them between two buttered pieces of bread and enjoy.


Never make the mistake of confusing a jaffle with a toasted sandwich. The jaffle is so much more, made using a camping jaffle iron (also known as a pie iron). The filling choices are up to you, depending on whether you’d like to make it sweet or savoury. For a savoury snack, try combining bacon, sliced tomato, fried egg grated cheese and some BBQ sauce. Simply cook on each side for up to five minutes, until golden brown.


There was also an overwhelming number of ‘beer’ comments – which we totally get. A good beer and a chat over a campfire is sometimes what campfire evenings are all about!

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