Upgraded 70 Series LandCruiser due in November – Toyota axes V8 from 76 Series Workmate – Story updated!

By Evan Spence 7 Min Read
  • Pricing starts from $75,600 
  • Now with an oil catch can on 1GD models 
  • V8 engine to be axed from 76 Series Workmate

We’ve all seen the pictures, and Unsealed 4×4 is gearing up to attend the launch of the updated 2024 70 Series range next month. But now we know some key details, including pricing and if the V8 motor will remain.

Updated Friday 1st of December

We can confirm we have driven the 2024 Toyota LandCruiser range. Including single and dual-cab utes, and the 76 Series wagon. In both V8 and 4-cylinder modes. Sadly, we haven’t had any seat time in the Troopy yet, as none were available at the launch. A full review will be published next week, in the meantime, here are some more details we can confirm on the 2024 Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series.


What we can confirm about the 2024 70 Series LandCruiser

  • The V8 motor will carry on, but you will be waiting a long time to get one
  • Power figures have been confirmed: 150kW and 500Nm for the 4-cylinder 2.8L motor
  • The motor has been significantly updated for the 70 Series range
  • 4-cylinder models have a 2nd gear start function, as well as a power/haul mode


The 1GD 4-cylinder motor weighs 60kg less than the 4.5L V8, which is a good thing. Toyota also tells us it is 10% more efficient than the V8 motor. The limitations are more regarding the vehicle’s aerodynamics – it’s hard to push a brick – so 10% is the claimed fuel reduction.

Traction control

The 2024 70 Series comes with A-TRAC, Toyota’s acronym for traction control. This is across the line, with higher spec models also coming with front and rear diff locks. I have A-TRAC in my FJ Cruiser and can tell you it works a treat in the FJ. Do you even need diff lockers in the 70 Series now? We look forward to showing you next week.

What’s inside the 70 Series?

While this is still a very traditional 70 Series LandCruiser, and not much has changed inside, there area few key points. Firstly, there is now a 6.2-inch infotainment system. This is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible. There are just two speakers in the single cab utes, and four speakers in the wagon.


As the 70 Series hasn’t come with an automatic transmission since the 1980s, a new surround had to be created for the 6-speed auto. It looks and feels good, but I’d love to know your thoughts. Do you like the look of the new auto shifter in the 70 Series?

70 Series warranty

The 2024 70 Series LandCruiser is covered by a 5-year unlimited kilometre warranty. There is the availability of a 7-year warranty on the engine, if full log-book servicing has been undertaken.

What’s the story  

Toyota Australia Vice President Sales, Marketing and Franchise Operations Sean Hanley had this to say regarding the launch of the fresh 70 Series range due in November 2023. 

“For generations the LandCruiser 70 Series has provided support for countless Australians in the toughest conditions the country has to offer, thanks to its rugged durability, strong towing and unparalleled off-road performance,” Mr Hanley said.

“Introducing the new automatic transmission, four-cylinder powertrain to the LandCruiser 70 Series range will broaden its appeal even further, making it more accessible to a wider cross-section of customers than ever before.

“Along with the upgrades to safety, convenience and styling, there has never been a better time to own a LandCruiser 70 Series.”

2.8L motor has been further updated 

To handle the extra demands that will be placed on the 2.8L motor in the heavy duty 70 Series range, Toyota has undertaken mechanical upgrades. It also produces more power, with 150Kw and 500Nm of torque available. The mechanical upgrades include: 

  • Larger cooling fan
  • Isolated crank pulley (reduces load on the serpentine belt)
  • New oil pan 
  • New oil strainer 
  • New oil level sensor 
  • Oil filter redesign 

Now with a catch can 

As mentioned above, Toyota has made significant engine upgrades, especially regarding the lubrication system. With redesigned oil pan, strainer, oil level sensor and the inclusion of an oil catch tank. This last point is big news, as in my opinion, it shows the manufacturer feels they are a beneficial inclusion. 

2024 Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series pricing

76 Series Wagon WorkMate$75,600
76 Series Wagon GXL$79,800$83,900
78 Series Troop Carrier WorkMate$79,200$83,300
78 Series Troop Carrier GXL$82,500$86,600
79 Series single cab chassis WorkMate$76,800$80,900
79 Series single cab chassis GX*$78,800$82,900
79 Series single cab chassis GXL$80,900$85,000
79 Series double cab chassis WorkMate*$79,300$83,400
79 Series double cab chassis GXL$83,500$87,600

76 Series V8 axed? 

We’ve seen reports that the V8 4.5L turbo-diesel engine will no longer be sold in the 70 Series range. I reached out to Toyota earlier this week for clarification after seeing a post on social media from a punter who said Toyota wouldn’t sell him a Troopcarrier with the V8 engine. Well, a few moments ago, a press release was just sent through, explaining that the V8 turbo-diesel engine will only be axed from the 76 Series Workmate, for now.

This copy has been directly taken from the press release: “Meanwhile, the venerable 1VD 4.5-litre turbodiesel V8 engine will continue to be sold alongside the 1GD on all variants bar the 76 Series WorkMate, producing 151kW at 3,400rpm and 430Nm of torque from a low 1,200rpm all the way through to 3,200rpm.” 

So it seems, for now, the V8 is safe for most models in the 70 Series range and will be sold alongside the 2.8L 1GD motor that’s mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission. For now.

Further details to follow as they are announced.


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