Video: Turbocharged 200hp Jimny!

By Dean Mellor 2 Min Read

Because too much power is never enough… especially when you drive a Suzuki Jimny, which is why Carlos Gono from AutoPlus Sportzentrium in the Philippines built this turbocharged 200hp Jimny.

Yep, you read that right. Carlos ramped up the output of his Jimny to almost double that of the standard vehicle, so in today’s regular Unsealed 4X4 video series we have a Youtube clip of the turbocharged 200hp Jimny. Thanks to the addition of a turbo-kit sourced from the UAE, Carlos’s Jimny goes from the standard 75hp (55kW) at the wheels to a stonking 155hp (115kW). Measured at the crank that increase translates to an increase from 75kW to 155kW… or around 100hp to 200hp in the old language.


The kit on the turbocharged 200hp Jimny includes a front-mounted intercooler, upgraded injectors and fuel pump, special spark plugs, a new ECU and all the required plumbing. Carlos also added a larger-diameter exhaust system with twin tail pipes to help the Jimny breathe better.

200hp Turbocharged Jimny Engine

Improving the power to weight ratio, Carlos removed the rear-mounted spare and smoothed-over the tailgate, which he reckons saved around 15kg. And with no intention of running the Jimny off-road, he also lowered the suspension for improved on-road handling and fitted a set of 18-inch Volk Racing Wheels.

Not content with just making the Jimny go faster, Carlos also decided it’d need to stop better too, so he fitted an AP Racing brake package with bigger calipers and slotted rotors.

A stripe kit and a pair of Recaro buckets finish off the package.

While this particular Jimny is built for the blacktop, we reckon the turbo-kit would still work pretty bloody well on any Jimny set up for the dirt, while also improving its on-road drivability between off-road tracks.

What do you think?

BTW, you can check out the AutoPlus Sportzentrium Facebook page here.

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