Why you should go adventuring in a box trailer camper

By Jessica Palmer 4 Min Read

If you’ve been to any 4X4 and camping show recently you will have noticed that camper trailers have gotten seriously fancy and oath-inducing expensive. I’m not knocking on the quality of the build. But I do question whether we actually need to spend the same amount of money on a camper trailer that features a pop-up coffee maker that we would on a brand-new 4X4.

There’s a nostalgic charm about the older school box trailer campers. You know, the kind everyone had when camper trailers first became popular. The good old simple soft floor campers that offered a traditional camping experience without the discomfort of sleeping on the ground. Do you remember them?

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Well, they might not make headlines like some of the showier styles of campers these days but there are still plenty of great brands making affordable, quality box trailer campers, such as the Aussie-made Marlin Campers.

Here’s why you should rethink your rig and go adventuring in a box trailer camper.

Box trailer campers are affordable

Box trailer campers are traditionally a hell of a lot cheaper than a hybrid camper or caravan. When you do away with unnecessary bells and whistles and stick to the basics, you’ve got yourself a comfortable tow-anywhere camper that doesn’t cost an arm and leg.

For less than the price of a second-hand imported hard floor you can jump into a brand-new soft floor. There’s a variety of manufacturers making them right here too. As many are Aussie-made, each camper is tailored to the individual. Camper trailers are not a one-size-fits-all solution so why pay for gear you either don’t want or already have?

Walkabout Campers in Brisbane offer budget-friendly options with a unique look

You can take them anywhere

Some people like to camp at caravan parks, some like to camp at national parks and some like to take their box trailer camper everywhere their 4X4 can go. For those that like to go everywhere, a box-trailer-style camper is going to have a significantly smaller footprint than a hard floor. Marlin Campers offers an ‘extreme off-road’ version of their camper models with upgraded chassis, suspension, axle, drawbar, towing hitch and more. 


Quick set up – hell yeah!

Traditional soft floor box trailer campers are typically quick to set up, particularly if they’ve been designed well. I don’t know about you, but I don’t need a button that magically erects my camper for me. I just need one that is quick and easy to set up for those times when you roll in late or the weather is crap. Look for one that you can pull open in a similar fashion to a rooftop tent and you don’t have to build the entire thing with poles and you’ll be sweet.

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They’re compact and lightweight

In the absence of hard walls, a hard roof and unnecessary luxuries, box trailer campers are lightweight compared to caravans and hybrid campers. Many soft-floor campers start at just 350kg allowing you to tow them with most standard vehicles. Negating the need to upgrade your towing vehicle to enjoy it.

Comfort is king

Box trailer campers are known for their practicality. They feature all the things you need such as bedding and space to spread out. Water storage, a kitchen and sometimes even a portable hot water system. In general, they feature none of the things you don’t need. 


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