You can now get V6 grunt for SR5 money.


Getting into a V6-powered Amarok just got a fair bit cheaper, with Volkswagen releasing a lower-spec level: Sportline. Where the Trendline and Ultimate cost $59,990 and $67,990 respectively before you factor in on-road costs, you can drive away in a Sportline for just shy of 56 grand. This puts the V6 in direct competition with the HiLux SR5 and Ranger XLT, both of which are easily outpowered by the 165kW, 550Nm 3.0-litre bent-six.


Until the Mercedes X-Class lands with its own 190kW V6, the Amarok still spruiks the most powerful engine for a mid-sized ute in Australia. With the Navara-based Benz heating up competition for the Amarok, Volkswagen is quick to point out that its ute is a ground-up design by the German manufacturer, saying: “We have not had to look to Japan for a donor vehicle.”


The Amarok Sportline still looks to be fairly well specced, with dual-zone climate control, 18-inch alloys, rear-view camera through the 6.33-inch infotainment unit and a locking rear diff. It still runs full-time 4WD through the 8-speed automatic gearbox; but wait until 2018 for a low-range, six-speed manual Sportline.