August 2018: Readers’ Rigs

ByUnsealed 4X4October 2, 2018
August 2018: Readers’ Rigs
Jesse’s 75 Series

Jesse picked up the 75 from a local farmer back in early 2017. She was farm spec when he got ahold of her, heavy duty tray and split rims. Wasting no time, he set about modifying the ‘Cruiser to suit his needs. First up he slipped a two-inch lift underneath, with a two-inch tray lift to match. The ‘Cruiser came in classic Toyota white, but that was quickly changed to Sandy Taupe, to match his father’s new 79 Series. The split rims were changed out in favour of a set of 33-inch BFG muddies, as the naturally aspirated 1HZ needs all the help it can get! Because it is a healthy motor, Jesse has plans to whack a hairdryer on the side soon. The old girl loved the high country and Jesse wants to build a custom canopy to make long distance trips an easier undertaking (he has his eyes set on Cape York!). The sun visor sets the whole build off mate; send us through some more progress pics!


Shannon’s LS Patrol

What do you do with a TB42 that’s constantly throwing in the towel? Why, you buy a VX SS and swap in 5.7 litres of pure petrol power! That’s exactly what Shannon did after finally tiring of the clunky old Nissan donk. The three-inch Millweld snorkel, fabbed airbox and custom exhaust manage to wrangle the same if not better economy out of a much bigger motor. Running a five-inch lift, 35-inch tyres and a locker up front, there isn’t much this Patrol can’t handle. Hybrid flex arms and remote res shocks alongside adjustable Panhards have transformed the vehicle’s on-road performance, plus the VX also supplied some killer front seats, meaning long distance travel has become much less stressful. Three 100Ah batteries tucked in the back make up part of the neat 12V system, running compressors for onboard air and usually two fridges for those longer getaways! After doing Fraser last year, he can’t wait to go back! What a rig to do it in!

Graham’s 2017 Ranger

Graham loves his Ranger! This is his second, after selling his previous build to upgrade to this beautiful 2017 FX4 last year. Starting out with a blank slate, he made the trip to TJM and got 360 degrees of bar work to protect the shiny new panels! The TJM winch is a crucial accessory for the kind of touring Graham has in mind. An Aeroklas canopy houses some custom-made drawers with plenty of room for the 12V system that is currently in the works. The Rhino Rack platform adds some more storage space, especially when combined with the Rhino Racks on top of the canopy. The two-inch Tough Dog lift allows the 285/70 R17 Hankook Dynapros plenty of room to get the most articulation out of the lift. Cutting his teeth in the new rig down at Yalwal, along with the occasional trip up to Lithgow and Stockton, Graham has been learning the ins and outs of the Ranger in preparation for some longer trips over the next 12 months. With Fraser, Cape York, and Uluru all on the cards, looks like Graham will be living the dream! Enjoy mate!

Brodie’s 1997 LN106 HiLux

Based out of Canberra, Brodie’s Lux is quite the adventure machine (understatement of the year). Bought as a bog-stocker, Brodie and his brother have completed most of the work that has gone into this super-tourer. The faithful 2.8 has an aftermarket turbo, custom crossover pipe and front mount intercooler. The Projecta battery system keeps the triple battery setup in check, allowing the two 40-litre Engels to run worry free. Underneath this rig is where the magic happens, but we would need a few more pages to tell you about this one! Up the front it has banana shackles, ARP studs, RUF conversion, high steer setup, IFS hubs, RCV axles and CVs, braced housing and an ARB locker. In the rear end an inverted BUDS customs rear setup takes centre stage, with a wide track conversion on an IFS model rear diff that is braced and housing an air locker as well. Safe to say that Brodie doesn’t want to be stopped by any unexpected breakages! Bar work all round was essential, as was the rooftop tent. He took it to Cape York last year and loved every minute of it. Fantastic build mate, it truly is one of a kind. Should we do a custom on Brodie’s rig? Let us know!