22 Jul 2018
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Roast me … 

With the winter months well and truly upon us, I’ve fallen into a ritual of cooking a Sunday camp oven roast every week. I actually crave it! Now, I’m not home every weekend (nor would I want to be), but it’s gotten to the stage…

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June 2018: Adventure Cinema 

In this instalment of Adventure Cinema, we’ve got drowned 4X4s, Simpson Desert crossing in a petrol FJ and Cape York recoveries. There are Unimogs doing their thing off-road and characters of the Australian bush. All this and more in Unsealed 4X4’s Adventure Cinema. CLICK HERE TO…


Do you have camping cryophobia? 

Cryophobia  //  (noun) – An abnormal and persistent fear of cold, including cold weather and cold objects Well, mine is not a phobia, but rather a “yep – I feel the cold”. You probably know my sort, the slightest hint of less than 10°C and I’m…

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291kW Hemi-powered Ram: $78,000 

It’s Ram’s new entry-level 4X4 ute, aimed directly at top-spec ute buyers. ‘1500’ means this Ram Truck is shorter, smaller and lighter than the big brother heavy-duty models you might be familiar with. Along with a lower asking price, it also has a different motor under…


The Nymboida: A river for all 

While everyone fights with traffic at the beach in summer between Coffs Harbour and Grafton, there’s a lot less people enjoying clear mountain streams, rock pools and shady campsites along the Nymboida River. Sometimes heading west in summer makes sense. Only an hour or two…

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Ford Everest, Ranger Recalled 

Ford have issued a recall for their Ranger and Everest 4WDs, which sounds pretty serious. The intermediate steering shaft, which sits between (and connects) the steering column and box, has some dodgy welds that aren’t up to scratch. If the weld fails, your steering disappears….

Vehicle Reviews

Room with a brew 

You have to love modern four-wheel drives; they are comfortable, reliable and capable. The one negative, though, is that they can be hard to work on. Space is a massive issue, as there are more and more components crammed into the engine bay to make…


Is technology making us worse 4WDers? 

Ignorance is not always bliss   Most reasonable people would agree that technological advancements have made day-to-day life easier on numerous fronts. Automation, in particular, has reduced human interaction with devices, products and systems to the point where the simple act of pushing a button…


Keeping it clean in the bush 

Shower Power Guide     When heading bush, it’s easy to go days without a shower but even after three days, I hate myself enough to pull out some baby wipes. Thankfully, there are some great options out there, ranging from downright cheap to having…


To Hell And Back: The aftermath of a Firestorm 

Warrumbungle NP     “The fire developed into a fully-fledged fire thunderstorm,” and was “Absolutely ferocious.” This is how two fire experts described the firestorm that devastated Warrumbungle NP and surrounds on 12 January 2013. Fifty-three houses were destroyed as well as countless native animals….