We have discussed the Biolite CampStove on these pages before, but this is the latest version: The Biolite CampStove 2. While the fundamental design is similar, you use sticks and leaves to create a small fire and a fan blows on the fire to provide airflow and heat which you can cook on. A USB point is built-in, and heat from the fire creates heat energy so you can charge your phone (for example) using the fire you built out of sticks. Madness, right? Well the Biolite 2 now has four different selectable fan speeds, a battery monitor to determine how much charge is left in the battery (which also charges as you use it), and a fire strength indicator. You have the option of purchasing a separate grill attachment and a kettle that doubles as a saucepan and storage container as well – making this a very practical and cool bit of kit, without the need to pay for gas or fuel.


Priced from: $270


  1. Using a Seebeck generator in a camping environment! Genius!

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