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You might have seen the smaller Biolite Stove on these pages before, and it is a great product. Well, the company has done it again with its latest soon-to-be released product – the Biolite FirePit – which it claims is a smokeless wood burning fire pit that not only keeps you warm, but can be used to grill food too. The secret is the included power pack on the side of the FirePit, which houses a fan that can operate at four different speeds. This blows air into the fire via 51 air jets which push oxygen through the fire – controlling the burn and minimising smoke. This power pack can be charged via USB and is controlled via an app on your phone. Wild stuff hey, sure beats having a regular fire on the ground like a sucker. Well, we won’t go that far… but this certainly is an evolution for one of humanity’s greatest achievements: Fire.


Pricing to be Announced