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By now, you would have no doubt seen the Clearview Easy Slide and the towing mirrors that have been on the market for a fair few years now – but have you seen Clearview’s latest accessory? The Pantry Kitchen incorporates the same technology used in the Easy Slide; however instead of holding your fridge and allowing easy access to it, this is a dedicated kitchen for use in your 4X4 or camper trailer. It drops down for easy access, as per the Easy Slide, so it’s easy to access. The modular design allows you to customise it to suit your individual needs, and literally even the kitchen sink is included… well, a sliding sink platform is included. If you are sick of finding your forks under the back seats, and still can’t find that bottle of tomato sauce from your last trip, it might be time to take a serious look at the Pantry Kitchen from Clearview.


Priced from: $899