For some people, camping trips mean bringing away goodies such as drones, cameras and laptops. Just ask any travelling photographer! In order to charge these devices, chances are you will need an inverter such as this offering from Dometic – the SinePower MSI412 pure sine invertor. This particular unit is super lightweight, coming in at under 1kg. An integrated 5V/2A USB port is built in, and a standard 240V plug is easily accessible; making it easy to mount in your vehicle, camper or caravan. Overload, over temperature and short circuit protection are built in to prevent damage to electrical items. This is particularly helpful, considering Dometic claims this one unit will power sensitive equipment such as TVs, DVD players and mobile phones.


Priced from: $199


  1. Ralph Gow , it has a standard 10A Aus/NZ pattern socket under the black flap on top of the pictured unit. I think they misused the term plug in the copy. – Matti

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