In this instalment of the Unsealed 4X4 Garage, we look at replacing the braking system on Ev’s GQ Patrol…


The guys at Drivetech 4×4 must love us by now! We’ve been working on nice clean new 4x4s lately, so it was time to give them a challenge and dust out Ev’s old GQ to take a closer look at the brakes. Which were, um… non-existent. It goes to show that the Drivetech 4×4 team aren’t just about the newest 4WDs; they have an insane amount of parts to suit what must be nearly every 4X4 on the market.


Brad from Drivetech 4×4 drew the short straw, and ran us through how to inspect the braking system for damage; and then which components needed to be replaced. We installed new rotors and pads. We replaced other hard parts while we were there too – such as the front wheel bearings. Lucky we did: Brad identified a bunch of other issues such as a split brake line (which was quickly rectified).


And the result? Brad summed it up best while lowering the Patrol off the hoist. “You’re going to put your head through the windscreen with decent brakes.” He certainly wasn’t wrong. Wow, what a difference!