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After five years of service, VW has announced a facelifted Amarok will be gracing our shores… with a very tasty present for Australian motorists. Yep, more power! The current Amarok is powered by a 2.0L bi-turbo engine, which is certainly no slouch producing 132kW and 420Nm while sipping a claimed 7.6L of diesel per hundred kilometres. The exciting news here is VW has announced the facelift Amarok will be propelled by a 3.0L turbo-diesel V6 with an increase of 130Nm and 33kW, bringing the power figure up to 165kW and 550Nm. The power band is well suited to four-wheel drive applications too, with peak torque coming in from just 1,500rpm.

That isn’t where the good news ends either, with noises surrounding the Amarok towing potential being raised to match segment leaders boasting 3.5T tow capacity. Local launch dates are expected towards the end of the year, with specs and pricing to be announced closer to the release date.