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We’ve all seen that guy being recovered by his factory unrated tow hooks… and we’ve cringed while he’s winching off those tentative items. Don’t. Be. That. Guy.


Ironman 4X4 has just released a set of rated recovery points for the PX/PXII Ranger and Everest 4X4. They’ve been NATA tested, and approved to verify the strength and design; plus they’ve been put through a bunch of real-world tests (Ranger owners take that line to mean whatever you like). They come with a set of Gemet-coated high tensile bolts and have withstood over 1,000 hours of salt spray testing without any rust showing. They’re even powder coated red so they’re easy-ish to find under three feet of mud. The recovery points are rated to 5,000kg each, and are designed to fit a 4.75-tonne shackle. Of course, an equalisation strap is suggested to be used between them – to offer the most strength and safety.


Price on request.