Piranha Off Road Auxiliary Battery Trays Ford Ranger and Mazda BT-50

Piranha Off Road have just come out with three new auxiliary battery trays for those who drive a Ford Ranger or Mazda BT-50. The first of the three trays are an in-tub tray which suits a 105Ah battery that Piranha Off Road claim can work with a drawer system, keeping your battery out of the way and close to your fridge. Their second offering is an under-body tray suited to a smaller 75Ah battery, keeping your tub free and your battery out of sight. The final recently released battery tray is an in-cabin tray that sits up against the rear wall of the vehicle. This battery tray can suit either a 100 or 150Ah battery, however is only available for the Ford Ranger. So, for those who want to be able to spend a bit more time bush, and not have the dreaded job of draining a melted esky, these could get you sorted.


In-tub Tray: $265

Under-body Tray: $265

In-cabin Tray: $365

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