A pillow is generally up there with a blanket and solid ground when it comes to important sleeping equipment. ‘Fundamental’ is the word we are looking for here. But pillows are bulky, you always forget to take them off the bed and the one time you do remember your dog falls asleep on them and covers them with irremovable hairs. Or something like that… Anyway, an inflatable pillow such as the Premium Deluxe from Sea To Summit makes loads of sense then. These little beauties are easy to store in your swag or vehicle full-time without having to resort to rolling up your mate’s jacket to sleep on. Are they comfy? Well, it would be pretty courageous to call such a product Premium Deluxe if it wasn’t comfy. That would be flat-out rude! And this is the most expensive inflatable pillow in the Sea To Summit range, so an educated guess would be ‘yes’. And they are better at supporting your head than your mate’s pie-stained Everlast hoodie.


Priced from: $80

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